Codorníu Limited Edition, Brut Rosé, Cava, Catalonia Spain

Paired with Randy’s Hors d’oeuvres

This is from the September wine dinner.

The color of this wine led to a discussion of 1950s car colors. We never quite decided if it was a 1956 Buick – Tahiti Coral, 1953 Buick – Cantaloupe, or a 1958 Buick – Red Coral. I think we decided the last one was the closest.

This Cava made from Grenache and Pinot Noir has a nice amount of effervescence, but it’s very dry (hence Brut). So, if you’re looking for a sweet palate teaser, this is not the wine for you.

It had no initial flavor, but finished with a light strawberry. It had a nice floral scent – I’d liken it to Southern magnolias on a still spring night, after a rain. (Yes, a bit poetic – but always good when wine evokes a memory.)

Unfortunately the kitchen must have had a sense of humor this night because the jalapeño, which is usually only mildly spicy was hotter than, well… you get the picture. It completely killed the taste of the wine – and the wine really brought out the spice. So, this is a great tapas wine, but be careful with the spicy foods.

Final Thoughts

I made a note to check the price of this wine to see if that would change my Wednesday rating. I was pleasantly surprised that this wine had more of a Tuesday price point. So, a great value for a good rosé sparkling.

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