Clos La Chance 2018 Hadley’s Cuvee

This white blend was the winner of a Friday night icebox lottery to be paired with Quiche.

It smells like springtime with it’s light lemon scent followed by melon.

It has a pleasant acrid flavor that lingers and is likely a result of tasting the minerals in the soil.

It has notes of pineapple.

Like many white blends, I preferred this one slightly warmer than out of the ice box. It went really well with the bacon in the quiche and overall was a good choice for quiche.

Final Thoughts

Quiche, unless it’s pared with something (like a salad), isn’t terribly filling. Which meant that popcorn was needed to finish the murder mystery show we began during dinner. Surprisingly, it went well with the microwave Kettle corn popcorn. The popcorn brought out the sweet in the wine and made it like drinking water.

This earned it the distinction of being called a great break-up wine as it would go with sweet foods and to some extent, salty savory ones too. But the flavor wasn’t so overwhelming. Unfortunately, much like a good date, this wine is impossible to find.

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