Cassaro Reserve Terroso Tempranillo

Having a chance to try this wine again, without having done a tasting really solidified my opinion from July (read here). In July I called it a “nice dinner party wine.” While still true, I’d amend it to be a Friday Night wine.

When opened this had an earthy – almost peat smell, with some light berry.

The first taste hit me with vinegar – and I wondered if maybe I’d gotten a bad bottle. But I left it alone and let the wine breathe.

It warms the mouth and leaves a lingering flavor on the tongue. It’s a bit berry, with no spice. Maybe tart early cherries is a better description. Yet it has a bit of a citrus finish.

My husband described it as the taste of the raspberry in the vodka tonic (with lime) that a neighbor makes. I would agree. It’s the sweet berry flavor tinged with citrus and alcohol.

Final Thoughts

I have no notes on how the wine went with the chicken, rice and asparagus – but I definitely need to get a couple more bottles of this for the pantry. It was a wine that we wanted to keep drinking – so probably a good thing we didn’t have a second bottle or we would have drunk it too while watching the movie after dinner. Instead, we made this bottle last as long as possible.

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