Infinite Monkey Theorem Tempranillo

True to the Keep Austin Weird Theme… despite having been founded in Denver, Colorado.

This was an add-on from Jason (Red Barn Winery & Tasting Room) when we’d finished our flights, mostly because we commented that we were surprised he hadn’t included it. The label did it’s trick and caught my attention.

The discussion on the concept of the infinite monkey theorem was a little much for me as I just wanted to enjoy this wine with the dark chocolate left on the cheese tray.

This would go well with a mole sauce, especially a mole heavy on the chocolate. Think chicken mole or enchiladas mole. Not that this wouldn’t go good with a nice filet, but there’s something about the wine and chocolate that just worked.

Final Thoughts

This is a solid Wednesday to Friday Wine. You could do a dinner party with friends, but know it’s in the ~$20-30/bottle range, so I hope it is an intimate party with people you really like who actually get the scientific joke behind the naming.

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