Adega Vinho 2018 Tempranillo Reserve

I love when my best friend cooks, as I always get “left overs.” This Texas Wine Club (more) selection from Adega Vinho (more) paired perfectly with burnt ends, mashed potatoes and corn.

The Texas Wine Club says:

Open bin fermentation and cellared for 23 months in new American & French oak. A wine that is easy to drink with or without food, with tobacco, leather and cherry on the palate. Fresh & elegant tannins on the finish invite you to drink it now and get a few extra bottles to revisit over the next few years.

What I thought:

The scent is very much dust and cherry with some bold berry scents as it opens up. This was like an explosion in my mouth when I tasted it. Bursting with red currant that’s sweet but dry that then finishes with tart plum skins.

I really could not stop drinking it.

My best friend’s son made the burnt ends (with a Dr. Pepper glaze) that was just amazing with the wine. It enhanced the flavor of the glaze and then the meat brought out the berry and fruit in the wine.

The potatoes were herb seasoned and brought out the oak in the wine, but highlighted the herbs. The corn, which was almost a Mexican street corn, was super sweet with the wine, yet the corn brought out the earthiness of the wine.

Final Thoughts

While the picture isn’t the best, the food was amazing and the wine was even better. I’d say this was wasted on a Tuesday night but only because it’s a Friday night wine. It would pair well with grilled ribeye as suggested by the card from the Texas Wine Club. I agree with their suggestion to buy some to drink now and if you can keep from drinking it all right away, hold off for a couple of years.

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  1. […] My Notes: I love the smell of this wine. It had a raspberry and leather scent, with an earthy taste and good spice flavor. It almost finished like it had some allspice. My tasting partner liked the smell over the taste and I’d call it a light Tempranillo – since I consider a Classic Texas Tempranillo as having been grown on the High Plains. But still a good Wednesday wine. I reviewed the 2018 Tempranillo Reserve, which was rated as a Friday night wine. See more here. […]

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