Reddy Vineyards 2019 Grand Vitis

This was a cellar lottery winner on a Monday night when we decided to try a new beef stroganoff recipe. So why not the Red Blend from Reddy Vineyards (more).

Rusty was more intrigued by the food than the wine – but he gave the glass a sniff when offered. The scent is a sweet/spicy scent I can’t place.

Reddy describes this wine as

“The 2019 Grand Vitis is an approachable French blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault. This wine is smooth, displaying juicy red fruit and a soft finish.  Awarded a Silver Medal at the 2021 San Antonio Live Stock and Rodeo International Wine Competition and selection as one of twelve “”Blue Ribbon Selections”” for the 2020 Texas State Fair. (more)

I’d describe it as spicy plum jelly that melts on your tongue. The flavor, especially the fruit flavor, was deeper than I expected from a “blend” and I really just wanted to keep drinking it. Good thing I had two bottles – bad thing – it’s Monday.

Final Thoughts

So the “new” stroganoff recipe used the ubiquitous pressure cooker – and while the peppers were a little weird at first (made me think of Betty Crocker recipes from the 1960s cookbooks where they cram all food groups into one recipe). This recipe uses Dijon mustard, and the wine went really well with the spiciness of the Dijon. Personally, I prefer my tried and true Better Homes and Garden’s Recipe from “Meals in Minutes” for 15-minute Stroganoff (Amazon), but this was a nice change from the normal.

Honestly I will have to pair this wine with schnitzel – well at least the way my mother taught me to make it. However, I can see this being another cellar lottery winner on the nights when it’s just a Croque Monsieur and tomato soup. This truly fits Reddy’s “just because” wine philosophy. (see here) It’s a perfect everyday wine – so stock up the pantry for pizza night, taco night, take out night, date night or any other night of the week.

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