Bev Glitz – Sparkling White Wine

This sparkly box had been beckoning me when I walked down the aisle at the grocery store. So, when a girlfriend texted and said “pool party” the Sunday of the 4th of July weekend, I thought here’s my chance to finally try this… since you shouldn’t have glass at the pool.

Given the story of Bev’s creation has to do with pool parties, it seemed fitting.

A four-pack of the skinny cans is equal to about a bottle and a third. (4 250 ml cans equals 1 liter) Which means each can is ~8.4 fl oz servings – or a glass and a half…

This is not really a wine for poolside, unless your poolside is not hot. [Or maybe if you start out with it practically frozen.] It’s sweet, which does call you to question the “zero sugar” claim, but that’s a good thing.

Unfortunately, when it warms up, it’s really not that good. Yes, it’s “Extra Dry / Extra Fizzy” according to the packaging, but when it gets “extra” warm it becomes “extra” flat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the three of us that tried it are glad we did, but we’d hope it would be a porch pounder, and despite all three of us loving champagne, this just didn’t do it for us. However, we give it props for the marketing working. And for being made by Chicks in the USA.

Bev Sparking White

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