Charles & Charles Rosé

This Columbia Valley, WA rosé was a Homeland (grocery store) cooler choice… There aren’t many options in the cooler at Homeland if you want a cold wine to go.

I thought I’d snapped a picture of the label, but apparently I did not – or I didn’t dig through all the road trip photos. Regardless, we grabbed this bottle to enjoy on the porch of the Classen Inn, a 1960s style motor inn located in Oklahoma City. [Check out their website.]

This rosé has a floral sent combined with the saltiness of the ocean in New England yet, it tastes of Peaches and Lemon. It’s really crisp when cold, but silky when at room temperature. Plus, you can smell the sugar in this one.

Final Thoughts

This rosé is not sweet enough to be a porch pounder, but we enjoyed it on the upstairs balcony of the inn that is reserved for Room 9. It’s definitely a Monday wine, but it was perfect after a day of driving around trying to find wineries that didn’t exist or weren’t interested in assisting customers.

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