19 Crimes Cali Blanc

I had sent my darling husband to the store to get something and then remembered I needed a bottle of wine for dinner with a friend the next day. (This isn’t a friend I’m going to subject to a bottle I haven’t tried.) My husband found me and said he bought this – it was on sale for $4….

While it satisfied my request for a sauvignon blanc, it was untried. So, decided to try it that night. After all, if that’s what he bought, I needed to try it. After dinner my darling husband revealed the real bottle he bought… (yes, that was a head shake and eye roll on my part)

So, what did we think of Cali Blanc? I put it on Instagram with the tag #comfortfood.

Honestly, it was only okay with the mac & cheese, but for a Monday night – not bad. Finished the bottle before we realized it.

It has a grassy scent with floral undertones – like a garden in spring.

It was a BIT too sweet on the first taste and finishes not too dry or wet, or too sweet. It’s almost as if your tongue gets used to the sweetness, so it’s not so shocking each sip.

Honestly, based on Snoop’s other wines, I should have expected this one to be sweet.

Final Thoughts

My husband did head back to the store the next day to get a couple more bottles for the pantry, since the weather is getting better and this would make a great sangria.

It’s a great porch wine, or honestly, a break-up wine as it went well with the white birthday cake that was left over. So that tells me it’s going to go with ice cream, Oreos and double-fudge brownies… or those iced sugar cookies that are colored per holiday.

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