19 Crimes Cali Rosé

I had gifted this to my sister-in-law as a bit of a joke…. After all I should bring something pretentious and remarkable.

I gave it to her to try as I had tried it and while there are other rosés I like more, this is a very accessible one with ability to purchase and price point. And I wanted her to have a good everyday rosé.

She paired it with my brother’s grilled steak, which was good, but the wine really needs something like a white fish when paired with food, or just cheese and fruit.

Surprisingly, it was amazing with the corn-on-the-cob my brother made and it really brought out the sweet of the corn and the wine.

And honestly, it wasn’t too bad with the birthday cake’s buttercream icing.

Final Thoughts

In all seriousness this is just another drinkable rosé. The screw top makes a great Monday/Tuesday wine since it can be resealed, or you can treat it as a porch pounder and sit in the shade and drink it with friends during book club.

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