Lost Oak Viognier

This was a Texas Wine Club (website) selection. However, since Lost Oak Winery (website) is located in Burleson (near the DFW metroplex) it might be easier for me to get out to visit one weekend.

This is a very full bodied Viognier. Scents (and tastes) of green apple with a honey finish. The wine itself is warmer on the tongue than the actual temperature of the wine (and I’m ashamed to admit I tried it straight out of the icebox).

The flavor when it warms to its proper temperature is best described as “hot marshmallow flavor. There’s just not as much scent to it when it as warm.

Final Thoughts

It paired really well with the citrus chipotle chicken breast. It brought out the sweetness of the apple. The chipotle lime dressing on the salad brought out a sweet honey flavor. It’s a good thing the winery is not too far, as I’d like to try this Tuesday wine with some shrimp scampi or a chicken piccata. The wine is good enough to make any meal feel like a special occasion – even if you’re just celebrating making it through Monday!

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