Canadian River Flight 2

The second flight at Canadian River Vineyards & Winery was as much fun as the first. Especially as we got time to talk to the owners. Their website says “Oklahoma Vine to Wine.” But I stick to my slogan suggestion from my write-up from Flight One.


This wine was so clear, it had no scent for me. However, the taste was an instant memory. It tasted like the Yum Yum Salad my grandmother made for every holiday, my birthday, and every funeral in town. If you Google you won’t get anywhere near the recipe my grandmother made. What she called Yum Yum Salad, the rest of the South calls Ambrosia. She made hers with Cool-Whip.

The other flavor I got when drinking this was that of Cloudberry on Vanilla Ice Cream. Which makes for a very interesting dichotomy of food explanations – one very traditionally Southern, and one Swedish Summer. But I think it sums up the wine – a little sweet, a little tart, a bit creamy and just easy to drink.

Rio Blanc

Unfortunately the scent profile of this wine to me was completely unflattering. I hesitate to even try to describe it. The best I have is “dry dog food” – which means it’s really the scent of grain and corn. But that’s not what my brain first said, which is a shame because it’s a very easy drinkable sweet wine. It’s like drinking sugar water. This is a perfect slushie wine. It would make an amazing sangria. It’s a today at work is horrible – I need wine – type of wine.

Rio Rojo

This was similar to the Merlot but more brownish in color. I made notes that it was like a port and really sweet. I think out of all the ones I tried, this was my least favorite because its’s the one I have the least amount of notes on….


This wasn’t officially on their list of wines for the tasting, but we were told we could try it as part of a tasting, so we did. It smells and tastes like blackberries. Going back to my description of their Strawberry Road (flight 1) – think of this as blackberries right before they turn into jam. Sweet, but still with a bit of tartness to them. It also has a lovely dark color. It’s a good summer dessert wine – even if all you serve is vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Drop

This wine smells and tastes like chocolate. Not like a chocolate bar, but more like a really good expensive chocolate that you usually only get at holidays.

If you mix Chocolate Drop and Strawberry Road you get really close to a liquid Godiva chocolate covered strawberry. Personally, I prefer them separate, but I bought a bottle of each for book club to try.

The owner said that at room temperature this wine has been described as tasting like a tootsie pop. I can see that.

Take wine as dessert to your next get together.

Final Thoughts

While I think there were more wines in the first flight that I liked than the second, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a glass of any of them. I did get to try their sangria and it would make a great base for doctoring your own special blend of fruit and added liquor.

Canadian River is definitely going to make a name for themselves. It’s a Southern winery I’d keep my eye on.

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