Benziger, Family Merlot, California

This is a pantry wine. It’s the type of Merlot you want in your wine rack for when neighbors, or cousins, drop in unexpectedly. Or even if they are expected – you can’t go wrong with this everyday Merlot.

Paired with Prime Rib Crostini with Horseradish Sauce

The way merlot should taste out of Sonoma

-Tom, the wine rep

I would agree. It’s fruity, with a spicy scent and a dry finish. It’s a Tuesday wanting to be a Wednesday wine. So have a bottle on hand for college football and pizza, this way the ladies have something decent to drink other than beer.

Final Thoughts

Tom told the story of the vineyard’s history, which was a bit more in-depth than their website, so take this with a grain of salt. Apparently in 1973, Mike and Mary Benzinger were able to buy the land super cheap from the U.S. Government because it had been a “weed” farm that was seized. So, a couple hundred acres for $350,000 total or so wasn’t bad.

However, the Benzinger Family of vineyards are Biodynamic – so very green and sustainable farming practices and no pesticides. (Read More) Regardless the grapes are grown naturally and unaltered and the wine itself is not manipulated in any way to taste a certain way – so it’s what’s called a “varietal type.” In other words – pure… This makes sense if it was a former weed farm.

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