Cassaro Avante Rosé

When we were out at Cassaro a few months ago, this was not on the tasting menu because it was in short supply. Since it has won 12 awards (website) we figured we’d just get a bottle and try it one night. It was the winner of the “icebox lottery” the other night when we randomly picked a wine to go with dinner.

Unfortunately, it’s not for sale on the website, so you’ll have to try the winery and hope they have a bottle left … but based on how good it was – I doubt it.

The Website Says

Avante Rosé is a Texas Sangiovese Rosé that is fruit forward as its Italian name implies. This summer favorite is pink in color with strawberries, cranberries and a hint of honeydew melon. 12.5%

What We Thought

This smelled like nectarines but had a spicy finish like pumpkin pie. While I got a slight fruity flavor, I personally didn’t get the flavors noted above. It’s crisp and sweet wine but not so sweet it would fall in the porch pounder category. It really heightened the spice on the jerk salmon (pictured below) it was paired with on Friday night. I wasn’t planning on photographing dinner so, the casual placemats were out. But the wine ended up being perfect with the food and just sipping after dinner while binge watching Un Asunto Privado (A Private Affair) on Prime. [Don’t worry – it’s overdubbed in English… and worth it] Definitely a Friday night wine.

Final Thoughts

Having had the wine with food and while just chilling, I’m looking forward to when John can get enough Sangiovese grapes to make another Rosé. Unfortunately with the unseasonably early harvest this year and the low yields of grapes across the state of Texas, I’m not sure there will be a 2022 vintage. However, if there is and you have a chance to check it out before I do, let me know what you think.

Jerk Salmon with oven roasted Brussel sprouts and rice.

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