Newsome 2019 Lavern’s Merlot

This Texas Wine Club selection was declared “tasty” by my dining companion. Newsome Vineyards (more) grows grapes in the Texas High Plains and is a supplier of grapes to many great Texas wineries. However, their own Merlot was a joy with dinner.

The wine was paired with leftover smoked brisket and The Serious Bean Company’s Sweet and Sassy Dr. Pepper Baked Beans (more). [Yes, the beans were an impulse purchase. Obviously, the packaging worked – I bought it…]

It had a savory sweet scent like coke, but with a little acid on the nose. It had a nice spice like a Malbec (in fact in a blind tasting I would have labeled it a malbec). It wasn’t as “light” as I expected it to be based on how it looked in the glass. It really stuck to the tongue – and I wanted to keep drinking it.

It went well with the brisket, brought out the spice and smokiness of both the meat and the wine. The beans brought out sugar and vinegar in the wine. I don’t recommend pairing the wine with the beans. Both are good on their own – but not really together.

Final Thoughts

The beans weren’t the only thing that was sweet and sassy. I’d say the merlot was too. This is a Friday night wine that I’d drink on any day of the week. Might be a little pricy for a pantry wine if your friends who drop in don’t appreciate wine… you know the ones that show up with it the brown page from the liquor store and haven’t even tried to make it look like they are being eco friendly by tying a ribbon around it or something. Regardless, great wine for those that like a merlot with a little more “ooph” to it.

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