Sandy Road 2021 Good as Gone

Sandy Road Vineyards (more) Good as Gone blend is actually gone…. This blend, which won Platinum at the 2023 Texsom Awards is no longer available.

Sandy Road says:

The Good as Gone wine is a dry red blend of Sangiovese, Mourvedre and Merlot from the Texas High Plains. It is a medium-bodied wine with rich flavors of red fruit, oak, and spice. The wine is floral and savory with light tannins and a balanced finish.

I said it smelled like dirt, dust, raspberry and plum. The wine itself was “Yum!” and had a good tart flavor like cherry or berry.

It went really well with the Lazy Dog Enchilada TV dinner and the beans brought out the fruit, while the rice bought out the spice of the wine.

Probably not the pairing this wine was intended for, but it really elevated a Wednesday night dinner.

Final Thoughts

My initial review (here) said this wine went well with people, and would pair with anything. Hence my Wednesday night enchilada special. Hoping Sandy Road releases another version of this small batch wine in the coming years as it was really, really, good.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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