Triple D Winery

Unfortunately, this winery is not backed by Guy Fieri – but he should consider trying the wines I did at the 10th Annual Vineyard Festival in Brownfield, Texas.

Triple D Malbec

This Malbec is great Sunday night dinner wine with the family (especially since you know my family loves Malbec). However, I could start drinking it on Thursday. This claret colored wine has the aromas of berries. The taste is peppery with dark fruit (think blackberry, plum, cherry – I couldn’t put my finger on it). It has a dry start when you first sip, and an even drier finish. But it’s the kind of dry finish that makes you want to take another sip.

Their literature stated that “This wine pairs nicely with soft cheese such as Cheddar, Colby, or Gouda. You can try it with our homemade Pimento Cheese.”

While I love a good homemade pimento cheese (what southern girl doesn’t?) I’d put this with steak, enchiladas, lasagna, or even Frito pie. It’s a great versatile wine to have in the pantry for when guests show up on Thursday….

Triple D Section 42 (8/30 Cabernet Savignon)

This wine had a sweet smell – something like raspberries and a sweet flavor but I lost the berry taste and picked up spices instead – maybe a nutmeg? It has a dry finish and was red with a tinge of brown in color when examined. It’s a Wednesday/Thursday wine. Not quite a Friday night but defiantly a good red blend for the end of the week.

Their literature said “This wine pairs well with ALL of the red meats as well as Cheddar Cheese and also Dark Chocolate.” I’d combine all three and serve beef and cheese enchiladas with a mole sauce. That will take you to Flavortown.

Triple D’s website gave me more insight into where the name Section 42 came from, exactly. “This wine is from Diamante’ Doble and Diamante’ Doble Dos Vineyards. Jet and Ty Wilmeth are brothers and the Vineyard is on Section 42. It is Cabernet Sauvignon from both Vineyards. I always wanted a wine with both vineyards involved. This is a smooth dry wine very fruit forward. This is a 100% family Wine.”

Final Thoughts

I fell in love with the name when I saw the Jeep in the parking lot with the custom plate. After all – What’s More Southern Than?

However, after trying the wine I was even more impressed. It’s a winery to keep an eye on – they’re going places, and if Guy Fieri does decide to try the wine (who knows – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives could expand to Drinking…) you can bet it will be hard to get your hands on then. Especially since the 2017 vintage took Silver at the 2020 San Francisco Wine Chronicle Wine Competition.

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