Prohibition Rose

The first wine I tried during the Vineyard Festival is one of my favorites. And I have to agree with the label…

“She said I’ve paid the sheriff, paid the begger
The lights and the street and the old bootlegger
Feeling peoples wild and sinful dreams
Yeah but where is the satisfaction for a girl like me?”

-Parker McCollum

Where is the satisfaction for a girl like me?

It started off smelling like jam peaches and peach pit. For those of you unfamiliar with jam peaches, those are the ones that aren’t pretty or slightly bruised but are probably the sweetest ones in bushel. There was a hint of berry, but given the lovely strawberry color that didn’t surprise me. It has a good spice and acidity.

I could sit on the porch and sip on this one while listening to Texas country music for hours. But it’s not a porch pounder!!!

This is a solid Wednesday wine… But I’d drink it any day of the week to be honest. It went well with the prime rib and horseradish sauce. Went just as well with the BBQ sauce with a vinegar base (think Carolina style). In fact, it kicked up the spice in the mini beef and jalapeño tacos.

This is a very versatile rosé. Officially it’s a dry rosé wine – but I found it had a touch of sweet so not that dry. And one that I will be ordering to enjoy on the porch – and not just because the logo is close to mine…

Final Thoughts

The back label states “Cheers to the legacy of “Prohibition Rose.” Notably her Appreciation and Dedication to Recreation.” The label also has a code you can scan to hear Parker McCollum’s song “Prohibition Rose” on Spotify. You can also hear it on YouTube here.

I have to thank DeAnn, Traci, Katy Jane and their Farmhouse Vineyard’s team for making me feel welcome in Brownfield. It felt like home. If you get a chance to go out to West Texas, stop by for a visit. The vineyard is beautiful, the wine is amazing and you can’t beat the hospitality.

I also have to thank them for introducing me to Parker McCollum’s music. He reminds me of Robert Earl Keen’s early albums – think No Kind of Dancer or Bigger Piece of Sky. Incidentally, Keen is retiring this year after 41 years on the road… So the Road really does not Go On Forever… which leads me back to Prohibition Rose…

Nobody knows

Just what became of old miss Rose

Oh Rose, won’t you keep ’em coming to me

-Parker McCollum

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