The Source: Sangiovese

I wasn’t aware of the Grower’s Project (more) until I was introduced to it by the Texas Wine Club. I mean, that’s the main purpose of the club – right. Yes, but I now need to go to The Source for more.

The wine smells of deep black fruit but tastes of blackberry, black pepper and is that tobacco or tomato leaf?

Paired against a spaghetti squash liberally tossed with a spicy Arrabbiata sauce with black truffles (not homemade – Truff) and garnished with parmigiana cheese, the only description for this wine was


It became very earthy (in a good way) – more “shroomy” (thanks Reese for the description). The sauce emphasized the fruit and brought out berry notes with just a touch of vinegar.

The truffle brought out the spices and sweetness of the wine, while the wine highlighted that “shroomy” flavor of the truffles.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, get a mouthful of too much squash and the vinegar really came out on this one. The sauce wasn’t as spicy as I was expecting, so probably could have gone with a GSM, which would have tolerated the squash better. This one needs my BFF’s lasagna – laden with spicy sausage and cheese. Or just a good steak.

It was a good choice for a meatless Friday, but I’d rate it as more of a Wednesday wine. New to my rating system – read more here.

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