Meierstone Vineyards Tasting

Unfortunately, Meierstone’s (website) tasting room was under renovation when I visited, so did the wine tasting in the blacksmith’s shop (picture at bottom). At least they didn’t need a cooler to keep the wine cold, because it was a tad chilly the day I visited, so I didn’t spend much time on the grounds. I’ll have to go back after the renovations and on a warmer day. Regardless, had a fun tasting. My notes are below.

Tasting One

2021 Trebbiano

This wine, aged in stainless steel, has a very citrus scent and almost smells like fresh green grass. It’s an acidic taste – like a citrus rind – maybe lemon. The smell made me think of oysters as a pairing, probably due to the “salty” tinge to the wine (yes, technically its minerality but salty makes more sense). Pairing suggestions: goat cheese, lobster, citrus or coconut shrimp. Great for a Monday or Tuesday dinner. (winery notes)

2021 Roussanne

They weren’t kidding when they said this wine had a smoky scent to it. It’s weird and seductive at the same time. It’s like a smoky peach scent but tastes like Pepperidge Farms summer sausage (yes, the gift set your elderly neighbors give you every year with the fake cheese and useless* tiny jar of mustard). So it tastes like smoked meat and cheddar to me. I wasn’t really sure what to rate this one, so I’ve brought home a bottle to try.
(winery notes)

*Actually the tiny mustard jars aren’t useless, they are the perfect size for recipes and sauces that call for a tablespoon of mustard. If you’re out of the big yellow squeeze bottle, this works great.

2021 Rosé

This rosé is made from Sangiovese grapes and spends only about 24 hours on the skins (if I can read my tiny notes). It smells like cantaloupe and peach with some acidity. They winery calls this wine “The Storyteller.” It lingers on the palate, but overall I found it kindof earthy and flat with a spicy finish. I made no notes on pairings, and think this is good for a Monday night with leftovers. (winery notes)

See below for the 2018 Reserve Malbec

Tasting Two

2021 Sangiovese

Having had the rosé made from the Sangiovese grapes it didn’t surprise me that this wine has a spicy finish. I can see where the rosé got it. It has a very sugary scent but doesn’t taste sweet. It has a blackberry flavor that is mouthwatering. It’s the kind of wine I’d expect to find in any small town Italian restaurant to go with their Tuesday night special of chicken parmigiana. (winery notes)

2018 Reserve Malbec

This wine is aged for 46 months (don’t ask me in what – my notes don’t say but I’m sure the website does). It was Texas Class Champion at the Houston Rodeo. I got a jam and acetone scent. The taste also had a tinge of acetone, but lots of berry and allspice. It was really mouthwatering. It made me think of chimichurri. I’d put this with H-E-B’s flank steak and chimichurri on a Tuesday night. Maybe in a corn tortilla with some Mexican street corn and crema and make it Taco Tuesday.

2021 Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged for 22 months in new French oak, this wine smells of green peppers – like just fresh cut ones. It tastes like green peppers with a berry undertone. Honestly, I found it to green for me (too young) but it has a lot of potential, so I’d cellar this one for a year or two. Or if you really like peppery Cabernet, the enjoy it with some fresh maui maui.

2021 Wrecking Ball

This is a big bold red. A blend of Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s almost black in color it’s so deep. It smelled like tomato leaves and cigars – like my great-grandfather in the garden in his overalls… even though I never saw him smoke. It tasted like sweet red peppers and tomato with a big berry finish. It really needs food. Its not one I could enjoy on its own. I’d put it with fatty foods on a Monday. Maybe a peppery burger with jack cheese, or jaeger schnitzel and cabbage. Maybe even a Wednesday Sushi night.
(winery notes)

Final Thoughts

They let me try the 2021 Souzao (winery notes), which rounded out all of their wines. I got a feeling of Earl Grey tea – so a bergamot flavor. Even with the bell pepper flavor, I couldn’t put it down it was so mouthwatering – I just wanted to drink it. I could sip on this on a Thursday night and not think about the early morning (6 am) meeting that I still need to prepare slides for….

My partner in wine mixed the Souzao and Malbec and it smoothed out the pepper flavor for me and was quite good. I could drink it on another Thursday night.

Overall, despite the cold, I quite enjoyed the tasting and will have to go back again for another, just to see if my perceptions of the wine were swayed by the outdoor setting and the cold.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

I had to take a picture of the license plate because I seem to be getting a collection of wine related plates.

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