Unshackled by Prisoner Wine Dinner – January 2022


Paired with Randy’s Hors D’oeuvres

Which I honestly don’t remember at all – both the wine or the starters. But judging by the empty glass in the background of the clam chowder picture, I drank it all, which means I must have enjoyed it.

Sauvignon Blanc

Paired with New England Clam Chowder

The chowder was good, as was the wine. It’s a Wednesday wine for me with a Tuesday price. I like it enough to finish the bottle, but it’s not fancy enough for a Friday or Saturday. But it is a good solid Sauvignon Blanc to have on hand if friends drop by unexpectedly. You can pull this out of the ice box and everyone will enjoy it.

Red Blend

Paired with Beef Empanadas

This is a Wednesday price point (more than $20/bottle) depending on where you buy it. But I honestly didn’t drink much of it. It went well with the empanada, so pairs well with King Ranch Casserole, Enchiladas, or Tacos. But it really is your standard red blend.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Paired with Steak au Poivre, Au Gratin Potatoes and Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Sadly I did not get a picture of the wine, but again a Wednesday price point – but would work well for a Sunday dinner with family because it has enough body to be perceived as a Friday or Saturday wine.


Chocolate Hot Buttered Rum paired with French Silk Chocolate Pie

Final Thoughts

Truthfully, I prefer the Prisoner wines to the Unshackled wines. However, the Unshackled is what I’m going to call a “pantry” wine. This is a good solid wine family that you should stock for friends that stop by unexpectantly. You can open the bottle and not feel bad if they don’t drink it all, or drink every bottle.

This could also make a good gift wine. Not too high a price point, but very drinkable, so great for taking to the neighbors for dinner.

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  1. […] Luckily the menu was different from the January 2022 wine dinner by the same name, as were some of the wines. You can read my very limited reviews on that post. Apparently, I didn’t have my trusty notebook yet so I took minimal notes on the phone. (link) […]

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