Ratti Langhe Ochetti Nebbiolo, Italy

Another Gallo Family of wines luxury brand wines from the July wine dinner at Randy’s Steakhouse. It was paired with Oscar style Filet Mignon with crab meat, three asparagus spears topped with bernaise [sic].

This wine has a light spice scent that tickles the nose. While there was a fruit taste I couldn’t place it. However it finished with a nice spice.

To me it was too light a red for the meal. It was like a Pinot Noir. I really think dinner needed something a bit more robust.

The wine went well with just the steak, but was only “okay” with the crab and béarnaise.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice Italian red from the Piedmont region. As the wine rep explained it’s made with “old world tradition.”

Honestly, my notes say I can’t decide if I like it or not. I do like the label. I’d put it on a Wednesday, though it is a little high in the price for that (>$25/bottle).

I’d call it an old man’s wine. It’s a “steak and potatoes” wine. It’s going to go well with a grilled steak and a baked potato. It’s meant to go with simple (but tasty) food. [Not that what Randy paired it with wasn’t tasty – it was just a bit to fussy for this wine.] It’s like my grandfather who was set in his ways and don’t you dare try and put peas with his steak and potatoes. My grandfather was a extraordinary man – but very simple when it came to food. [Like most Southern men.]

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