Overheard – Q3 2023

As you may have learned in the first half of 2023, you can overhear some really funny things when at a wine tasting or wine dinner.

The first set comes from a very loud conversation being had at a table near us during what was otherwise a very pleasant tasting.

‘I don’t trust him on a cherry piicker’

-She Said

The men were discussing clearing property. I’m not quite sure how a cherry picker is required for that, but she didn’t really approve of anything he said he wanted to do.

“He was born with a practical mentality”
-The Other She Said

This was from the other female voice at the table. Not quite sure which one of the men she was talking about.

“My grandfather was a womanizer, alcoholic and smoked filer less camels … At 80 years old”

-He Said

I missed part of this quote because I was trying not to laugh since the hostess was also trying to explain a wine to me. I’m not sure if Grandfather started all this at 80, or despite doing all this was still going at 80. The connotation was that he was still alive and kicking.

“I don’t want to be basic, but I loved the Rosé

-The Other She Said

I guess when you’re trying to be snooty you shouldn’t admit to liking the rosé? Truthfully, if you’re trying to impress me with your wine knowledge and your superiority to me then you shouldn’t spend the entire time you’re drinking wine discussing the fact that you will never be able to keep up with your neighbor because he’s a bazillionaire and can afford to pay someone else to clear his land. Or have a marital spat with friends and strangers listening.

I’ve never been happier to hear someone say they were ready to leave. I’d have taken a screaming two-year old or pre-teen girls fighting over having them near me. I also don’t think the winery is too disappointed to hear (and they said it loud enough) that after this free glass, since they aren’t obligated to keep their membership they were dropping it.

“No, you can’t go pee-pee on a tree”

-Mom, to her 4-year old son

At the same tasting we were treated to the above gem of a quote. At least the 4-year old was quieter and more well behaved than the foursome that left. Dad did take his son to the bathroom, and I was pleased that the only thing the boy said (quite loud and proud) “I washed-dead my hands without asking….” Everyone on the patio snickered. After all, how could you not. Mom shushed him and said she was proud of him. I think all of us were.

Final Thoughts

You’d think with visiting 15 wineries, and 4 dinners (with friends) I’d have more quotes. Alas, I do not. However, I think the one Friday afternoon more than makes up for it. And there were way too many “who’s a bachelorette” calls on Saturdays to count or even try to note the responses.

Stay tuned for fourth quarter – it should be a good one.

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