Kalasi Wine Tasting

Having been introduced to Kalasi Cellars (website) at Rootstock earlier this year (read here) I had to include them in my Hill Country tour. So, my partner in wine and I booked a private tasting. Laura led us on an amazing tasting journey paired with excellent information on the winery, the history, and the winemaker’s philosophy towards wine.

Kalasi means “Together” Laura explained, as she attempted to instruct us in how to say the name of the winery. I think it’s Kuh-lay-see – but I could still be wrong. Regardless, we had great fun, so let me tell you about the wines.

2022 Albariño

This Spanish style wine is said to pair well with spicy food and buttery seafood. It had a honey/honeysuckle scent, but didn’t taste as it smelled. My partner said lemongrass, I say tart apple. We both agreed it left a weird aftertaste for us. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t refuse another glass if it was offered to me.

2017 Sangiovese Reserve

Laura explained this is Kalasi’s lightest red, aged for 48 months. It has a tart scent with good berry flavor. It’s slightly dry but not astringent. It would go well with Italian food.

2017 Kanchi Reserve

This is a blend of Malbec and Merlot. My first thought was that it reminded me of an Indian-style perfume – deep florals and Christmas – plus tart cherry. The 2017/18 wine is aged in neutral oak. The wine had a good deep plum flavor. This is Kalasi’s signature blend.

2018 Kanchi Reserve

To contrast, the 2018 is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Carménère. This one was sweet on the tongue with flavors of cherry, plum and caramel. It had a really good at spice flavor and a deeper plum flavor than the 2017. I really couldn’t decide which vintage I liked better.

2017 Re d-Italia Reserve

This is a blend of Terraldego, Sagrantino, and Sangiovese. Narra Vineyards was the first in Texas to plant Terraldego. The wine had an amazing smell with a good sugar scent. My notes say I couldn’t stop drinking it and “yum!” It would go amazingly well with Frank Sinatra’s Sausage & Peppers (recipe here), so a bottle or two came home.

2018 Teroldego Reserve

I think Laura described as ” Big, Bold and Beautiful” since its in my notes in quotes. I’d describe it as “lush.” It had a great deep color and I could now tell that the smell I love in the Re d-Italia is the Terraldego. The flavor is just as deep as the color despite it’s astringency. Three bottles came home with me because I can think of three things I want to try this with – steak a poivre, blackened salmon and a pork loin.

2017 Merlot

As a bonus, we tried the Merlot. It smells like a Merlot, but it doesn’t taste like one. It’s a more complex Merlot than you would expect.

Final Thoughts

Kalasi grows 21 varietals on 140 acres in the Texas High Plains known as Narra Vineyards. This means the wines they grow are 100% Texas wine. They are off the beaten path when it comes to wineries in the Fredericksburg area. However, it is worth the five minute deviation from Hwy 290. The wines are amazing and the people are even better. We enjoyed it so much we went back to the tasting room. It’s beautiful in the rain.

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