Cellar Rat – 2019 Estoy Aqui

Take 2… If you read the original post (link) of this wine from Texas Wine Club (website) selection, you know why its Take 2.

The wine had the scent of dirt at first, which made me make a note about if it had the Mourvèdre funk.

But being from the Texas High Plains it makes sense to me, and I blame it on the Zinfandel in the mix.

It has a beautiful color, with a medium body. I got marigold on the nose after it had breathed a little bit.

It went well with the steak as you’d expect a blend with Syrah to do. The roasted carrots brought out the Zinfandel for me.

My favorite pairing was the twice baked potato. The potato brought out the spiciness in the flavor.

Final Thoughts

It was good for a dinner on Tuesday night, which was the only disappointment, as I really wanted this to be a Friday night wine…. but hey, the pairing worked.

My partner in wine said “I want to like it…..” And I understand. It’s not a blend for just anyone. However, watching a British mystery after dinner I didn’t stop drinking it. I stopped analyzing it and just enjoyed it. So, I can say (at least for me) it was equally good with food as it was on its own.

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