Hidden Hangar Valentine’s Brunch

When I look at the first picture in the gallery I think when did I get those cool plates? Then I realize that t’s not actually my house. However, brunch at Hidden Hangar is nicer than brunch at home – no clean-up, amazing food and great wine – even if can’t wear your jammies. I didn’t get a picture of the other table of food with the quiche, bacon, ham, avocado toast, waffles and crepes.

Final Thoughts

So, again, not a typical review from me – but since Hidden Hangar was trying brunch out – I can say that I hope that they do a Sunday brunch at least once a quarter. It worked great with the wine club pick-up and made for a great Sunday morning.

There are a couple of other wineries in the region with brunches… I wonder if I can convince my husband to just take me to brunch and not for a holiday…. this way I can compare. But in all honesty – I suspect Hidden Hangar would remain my favorite. It’s just the atmosphere – like being at a friend’s house – a friend with great wine.

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