Farmhouse Vineyards Proving Ground

Another winner from Farmhouse Vineyards. Although, I’m tossed up on what I liked more – Cultivated or Proving Ground.

This red blend is primarily Cabernet Sauvignon (60%) with a mix of Merlot (32%) and Petite Verdot (8%).

It’s spicy with a sweet finish. I got flavors of dark plum and pepper. Paired with the steak it was perfect as the pepper on the steak pulled out the pepper in the wine. The mashed potatoes with cheddar and bacon mellowed it, while the bacon green beans brought out the pepper, but sweetened the wine for me.

It did not go with the banana pudding served for dessert, but that was ok with me… I found this to be enough of a dessert.

Final Thoughts

This is a perfect Sunday or Holiday wine. It will pair well with anything, including the acidity of your mother-in-law or your crazy second cousins. Try it with ham, steak, pork or even just a cheese pizza for dinner with friends or a date night. I’d also gift this wine as it is so versatile. It’s a good one to use to introduce people to West Texas wine as it’s complex but easily drinkable.

P.S. Check out their Spotify playlist for this one.

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