Chateau Wright

While on the West Texas road trip, we headed out to the Davis Mountains, which meant we could stop at Chateau Wright. We arrived on a Sunday Evening and the winery was packed. There was a concert going on and lots of people. That mean it was hard to find a place to sit and we ended up tailgating on the truck. Not really a bad thing, but good thing I never go anywhere without an umbrella – had to make our own shade.

We tried the Lievre, which was very good, but it was $30 per glass – so we opted to not get that one. Instead I tried the Rosé and my travel partner got the Malbec.

The Malbec had green pepper and fruit on the first taste followed by black pepper, sugar and spice. Like a cinnamon, clove, and allspice blend that reminded me of Christmas.

The Rosé smelt sour to start but had the flavor of a strawberry sweet tart mixed with blood orange. Not my favorite rosé but refreshing in the heat.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to go back for a tasting when it’s not so crowded. It’s definitely worth the stop if you’re out in the area when they are open. The setting is beautiful, they are only a few minutes outside of Fort Davis, which has the Hotel Limpia – which is an amazing historic hotel (that was comfortable). They are only a half hour outside of Marfa or an hour south of El Paso – so really worth the drive to check them out.

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