Kalasi – 2017 Kanchi

I discovered Kalasi at Rootstock (read more here). For once, the bottle was not finished in one night, so I have two different proteins with which to compare it.

Despite the slightly acidic nose, the wine has flavors (and scents) of plum/raspberry and blackberry/cassis. It’s very full bodied and a bit mouth drying – yet I wanted to keep drinking it I got a warming sensation, but the alcohol by volume is not that high. It has a chocolate cherry flavor with smoky bourbon after breathing.

It went really well with the chicken and pesto and brought out the basil in the sauce. The chicken itself was bland (needed to have seasoned it more) so the wine gave it some flavor. It was neither good nor bad with the spaghetti squash.

The wine went well with the rolled steak and it didn’t fight the asparagus too much. The potatoes, were well, potatoes – so the wine was more flavorful with the steak. Had the potatoes had more flavor or been mashed with garlic, the wine would have gone better.

Final Thoughts

This is a wine that you need to drink in one night. Exposure to air gave it more scents, but also a more acidic taste. To be honest, it’s such a good wine, I’ m not sure why it wasn’t finished in one night – other than we must have had other things going on – so it was a one glass only night.

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