4R Ranch Vineyards and Winery – The Whites

It’s only fitting we end our Texoma AVA road trip at 4R Ranch Vineyards and Winery (website) with four (nearly) different flights. 4R is truly over the river and through the woods and then up the mountain in 4-wheel drive. If you have a sports car, I don’t suggest taking it for this drive. The drive to the turnoff for the winery is winding and you will corner like you are on rails… but the gravel road and steep inclines will not be kind to your transmission. Take the truck (like we did)! You can see the view at the bottom of this post.

A flight is usually four wines, but I’ve combined the flights to be reds or whites. This flight is all whites. And yes, I did taste every single one of these.


Their Notes: Citrus, pear and floral aromas with a hint of yeast. The effervesce brings fort light citrus and a smooth, round mouth feel.  74% Chardonnay, 8% Sauvignon Blanc, 8% French Colombard, 4% Viognier, 4% Muscat Canneli

My Notes: Not sweet or bubbly enough to be a porch pounder, but just tart enough to not be a good baby shower choice either (yes, I see the irony…) This is a sweet tart, but very fruity white wine. It’s very bubbly and has a high sugar smell and taste (despite the tartness). We put it at a Monday – but it would work well for Sunday afternoon on the porch when neighbors drop by….

2021 Trebbiano

Their Notes: Delicate floral aromas accented by citrus notes. Pairs well with seafood, pesto and Italian cheeses.

My Notes: Truthfully, I’m new to Trebbiano wine. Like most Texas consumers I go for the known “chardonnays, sauv blancs or pinot grigios.” But I’m coming to appreciate them. And truthfully, most of the rest of my family hated this wine – so a bad pick on my part for the group. That said, if you’re not familiar with Trebbiano – this is a good one to try. It’s very characteristic of the grape.

2021 Sauvignon Blanc

Their Notes: Delicate floral aromas with gentle acidity. Pairs well with light-salads, seafood or goat cheese.

The Website: This light-bodied, easy-drinking white wine is the perfect wine to end a hot summer day.

My Notes: If you’re not feeling adventurous – go for the Sauvignon Blanc. It’s good a good bouquet, slightly acidic and Momma Deb liked it. So if that’s not enough to get you to try this Tuesday night pairs with leftover chicken and grilled vegetables, I don’t know what to say to convince you.

2021 Albarino

Their Notes: Lemon and yellow apple with notes of almond on the finish. Pairs well with tapas and seafood.

My Notes: Another variety of wine with which when I tasted it I was not familiar. I’ve had several others since (more blogs coming) and I can honestly say it changed my opinion of this one slightly. I had noted I got green apple and citrus for the taste, with floral, but herby /woody notes. It was acidic on the back of the tongue, so I gave it a Monday. I’d upgrade it to a Wednesday now. It wasn’t as harsh as the others I’ve tasted since.

2020 Roussanne Reserve

Their Notes: Barrel-fermentation leads to a silky texture with notes of apricot, dried herbs and hints of nuttiness.

My Notes: Notes of herb butter, but very full bodied for this one. We decided it would pair well with some swordfish steaks on the grill on a Thursday night.

2021 Roussanne

Their Notes: Rich pear and subtle tropical flavors. Pairs well with brie cheese or chicken and vegetable dishes.

My Notes: This one definitely shows off the butter and pear flavor. But we thought it might be better on a Tuesday night with some leftover chicken.

Final Thoughts

Despite the drive, which was really only harrowing because I don’t usually put my truck in 4×4 mode – the view was really worth it. I’d have to go back and try the wines again when I wasn’t feeling rushed (too many things to do that weekend). Overall, out of the whites, there wasn’t one we really wanted to bring home. But luckily, the have a tasting room in downtown McKinney, TX so while you’ll miss the view – you can enjoy the wines.

The View from the patio

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