Hilmy Cellars Doo-Zwa-Zō 2021

Another wine from the Texas Wine Club (link) quarterly delivery. It was quite a surprise, for not quite knowing what to expect. Hilmy Cellars is located in Texas Wine Country – the Hill Country – right on Highway 290 (link), just outside Stonewall, Texas.

The Texas Wine Club Notes:

A dry & crisp white wine, with bright green pear and hazelnut aromatics. Completed by a structured palate of peach, melon, and lemongrass. “Doo-Zwa-Zō” is French for “Two Birds.” A blend of grapes that shine in the Texas terroir. An easy choice to drink on any Texas patio.

My Take

I got a light peach flavor with a little spice. Then it was like having eaten a Werther’s caramel (you know the funky ones your grandmother always had in her purse for church, so you’d cough just to get one…).

The flavor was lovely, and as it warmed up flavors of cantaloupe and pineapple emerged.

My husband got orange blossom and “tom yum soup” – which later translated to “lemongrass.” The chicken casserole brought out the fruit in the wine.

Amazingly it went really well with the kettle corn popcorn (microwave) that was “dessert” after the disaster of the casserole. The salty/sweet of the popcorn brought out a lemony flavor.

By the way – it’s a blend of 70% semillon, 20% roussanne, 10% orange muscat. Absolutely Amazing!

Final Thoughts

This wine was wasted on a Monday night with a chicken cauliflower casserole. This is a Thursday night wine. It’s dinner with friends on Saturday. It’s a date night. I’d even go so far as to say its Sunday dinner. Texas Wine Club recommends pairing it with roasted pork, oysters or curry. I’d recommend it with grilled chicken, gazpacho soup, or watermelon salad (maybe with the grilled chicken…) Or just on the porch….

Unfortunately it’s only available via the club (more here) because its not even listed on the vineyard’s page. (link)

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