St. Francis Cabernet Sauvignon

This Sonoma County Cab is from 2007, and I probably waited a bit too long to open it. Unfortunately, I corked this 15-year old bottle of wine. Technically, even older since it’s aged 24-months in new French oak barrels and then another two years in the bottle. In 2011, Wine Enthusiast gave it an 87 and said it was for “drinking now.”

Despite that, it was actually still drinkable – at least to me. It had a very spicy scent, kind of peppery, and after aerating it, very sugary – like warm brown sugar as it melts into caramel.

The color was amazing. A deep crimson that made me think of Christmas and the center of burgundy roses in bright sunshine. It had a dry finish, but not too dry.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, I wasted this date night wine by letting it hide in the back of the wine rack for too long. It was a perfect Friday night wine, just about 10 years too late according to Wine Enthusiast.

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