Barons Creek Vineyards Merlot

I have driven past the tasting room in my hometown numerous times. Some friends and I finally decided to stop in on Sunday afternoon. I would love to tell you more about the winery, but I didn’t learn much at the tasting room (they were really busy) and their website wasn’t much help. Truthfully, I tasted a few wines, but I’m only going to review the merlot.

Their Notes: Elderberry, toffee, clove, and a hint of cedar flow smoothly out of the glass. As you sip, plum, black tea and nuances of roasted coffee and mocha delight your tastebuds. This luscious wine is round and fleshy with a sumptuous texture. It’s a perfect companion with grilled lamb, roasted veal, or an evening thunderstorm. BOOM! It’s Merlot!

My Notes: It’s a very fruit forward Merlot. It’s very berry but spicy. The wine itself is a deep plum color – think the color of an eggplant. I does have a slight petroleum scent to it – but I’ve begun to notice a lot of red wines grown in Texas have that scent. There is a nice spiciness to it that brings you back for another sip

Final Thoughts

This was the perfect wine to sit around and drink with friends. It really didn’t need food, though I can see how it would pair well. However, I just enjoyed it throughout the afternoon. I liked it even more after it had some time to breathe. I’d put it as a Thursday wine sliding into Friday. It’s definitely a great wine for dinner with friends.

So I look forward to going back and not just sipping out of other people’s glasses, but actually doing a proper tasting.

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