Blufeld Riesling, Mosel, Germany

The final pairing of the July wine dinner was this Riesling from the Gallo Family of Wines luxury collection. It was paired with Raspberry Custard Kuchen with Raspberry Sauce

The wine rep described this one as “mostly dry with a heavy acidity.”

It has an acidic scent and it’s bright on the tongue – meaning sweet but tart. The color is so light that the picture actually adds color to the wine. It’s a very light wheat color (think Cheerios). [I know, I’ll never write for one of the big review magazines…]

The tartness of the raspberry brought out the wine’s tartness. Not sure if that was the intent.

Final Thoughts

I liked this wine more than the rosé, but I’m still not fond of Rieslings. I couldn’t decide if it sweetened the dessert of if the dessert made it sweeter. Either way, it’s a great Tuesday wine if you like Rieslings.

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