Josh Cellars

I had planned on reviewing Josh Cellars at some point, but when Jason (Red Barn Winery & Tasting Room) pulled out the Merlot, I knew it was time.

Josh Cellars Merlot

I’d not had the Merlot, only the Cabernet. I was impressed. Good flavor without the usual Merlot tannins.

This is a Sunday dinner with the family. It’s fancy enough to be impressive but the flavor isn’t overwhelming (nor is the price per bottle).

It also falls into the Thursday wine category – good enough to treat yourself, but if you have an early morning meeting on Friday, you won’t feel too bad if you don’t finish the bottle (And you have half a bottle for when the meeting goes badly and your boss declares you’re working the weekend).

Josh Cellars Cabernet

This wine is loved by friends. I enjoy it, but I don’t love it. Plus, I’ve found the quality to be inconsistent. It makes for a good table red, and a great wine to impress your in-laws and first cousins when it’s your turn to bring wine to Sunday dinner. For me personally, its a Monday wine. Great to go with leftover lasagna or the steak I’ve turned into impromptu stir-fry because I thought there was enough for two, but there’s not.

Josh Cellars Chardonnay

Friends raved about this wine. As you can tell by the short paragraph, I will not.

Final Thoughts

Which brings me to a comment on price and the quality of the bottles. Stick to the over $10/bottle versions. I’ve found the quality to be hit or miss with the ones from the grocery store that are at a lower price point. Maybe it’s issues with transportation and storage and I should really be buying them at a liquor store, but when you forget it’s your turn to bring wine until you Mother-in-Law calls and says the cousins are also coming while you’re already on the way…. well, not so easy to stop at the liquor store on a Sunday… (If you’re from the south, you’ll know what I mean.. Blue Laws….)

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