Reddy Vineyards Hardpress 2019

This red blend was on the clearance shelf of the local grocery store. So I thought it would be great for a Monday night. So had it with the quintessential “Meatloaf Monday.”

Their Description

“The 2019 HARDPRESS Red Blend is a bold blend of Italian varietals Sangiovese, Montepulciano and Barbera.  This wine offers rich dark fruit notes and a seductively smooth finish.” Read the spec sheet here.

My Notes

Opening notes of wet muddy dog. (It is a Texas High Plains vineyard, so the terroir makes sense.) However, the taste is light and fruity. It is a bit dry, but not too dry. Sweet, but not too sweet. It was easy to keep drinking and we finished the bottle before we knew it.

It went well with the parmesan style meatloaf, and the mashed potatoes. The green beans made it lose some flavor, so if I were to pair it again, I might do broccoli.

It went really well with the chocolate brownies leftover from Sunday dinner that we ate for dessert.

Final Thoughts

My darling husband didn’t tell me the clearance price was $28 until I opened it. Which is frustrating since the Reddy website has it listed at $20. Although, that means I can still get it, which is worth doing. It was a perfect Monday wine with a Thursday price (in store).

Unfortunately, I could never find the blend percentage, so I guess I’m going to have to head out to the vineyard to ask.

Given that the spec sheet elaborates with “A bold Italian inspired blend, the 2019 HARDPRESS is a perfect wine for those looking for a daily drinker without sacrificing flavor. This wine showcases notes of black cherry, blackberry, and juicy plum with a firm but approachable structure. Pair this wine with daily favorites like pizza, burgers, and lasagna.” I would agree. I’d also say this would be a great party wine – it’s going to go with just about anything and not be too heavy or too sweet with anything.

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