Gallo Sauvignon Blanc

Once again I find myself reviewing a Gallo wine. I cannot seem to escape the Gallo wines this summer. But, my best friend and I love to cook and you should never cook with anything you wouldn’t drink.

Ok, so I probably wouldn’t choose this to drink, and honestly I prefer our lobster bisque recipe when we make it with a buttery chardonnay. However, the Sauvignon Blanc brought a nice crisp flavor to the bisque. Probably due to the high green apple flavor with a touch of citrus.

Final Thoughts

This wine pairs well with Simon Cowell on a hot summer night when the air conditioning has decided to stop working. Meaning – it was cold and crisp, which ultimately made it refreshing. And since the next time we make bisque it will be cooler, and it’s my turn to bring the wine – I think I might go wild and crazy and we’ll try a Sauternes. Stay tuned.

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