2019 Imagery Chardonnay

Technically this is a Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc blend, but unless you read the back label carefully, you’ll never note that little fact.

Honestly, I didn’t note what I paired this with for dinner on a Tuesday night – so it was probably something like a rosemary chicken breast and rice or something just as forgettable.

The wine itself is slightly memorable – for a Tuesday wine (with matching price point). It’s acidic (citric) to the taste, but I still wanted to drink it. It had lemongrass flavors and a bit tart. Whatever I paired it with it – apparently my notes say it brought out the orange, mango, peach flavors of the wine.

Final Thoughts

When writing a wine blog it’s important to note on the sticky note what you actually made for dinner to go with the wine pairing. Apparently, I thought I’d remember, but the past week has been hectic with early morning meetings and even later afternoon ones.

So, this wine is a good one to grab on from the grocery store shelf on a Tuesday to put with your chicken dishes… or anything else you’d pair with a typical California Chardonnay.

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