Charles Shaw Red Blend

A California Red Blend (2019 vintage) was a cellar lottery winner. Randomly pulled from the stash of reds, this blend was a great table red wine. It has a berry scent which matches the first taste of the wine. It’s well balanced as depending on the food the wine either becomes sweet or spicy.

I have surprisingly few notes on this wine. Which means I probably really liked it. I noted “tuesday” but not sure if that’s the day I drank it or the day I’d assign it. Unfortunately, going back to notes weeks later tends to make for rather short and boring reviews. Although, the wine itself wasn’t boring.

Final Thoughts

When I looked it up – a Business Insider article caught my attention. It’s titled “We tried 8 types of Trader Joe’s ‘Two Buck Chuck’ wine, and I was blown away by one” – the one happens to be Charles Shaw. The article (here) was written in 2019. But I thought it was interesting to note it’s Trader Joe’s “house wine.” They’ve changed the label, but it’s still organic. Which means this was likely a gift from someone. Not sure who, but it was truly good, so I might have to head back out to Trader Joe’s (here) to get some for a couple of gift baskets.

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