Apothic White

This was another “icebox lottery” winner on a Friday night.

What is the “icebox lottery” you ask?

Well, it’s when you open the icebox and open what should be the meat drawer and pull out a bottle of wine that was put in there sometime over the month (or earlier). It’s a mostly random choice – but occasionally you think about what’s on the table and pick acccordingly

This was paired with a spicy chicken breast – where we never could quite figure out the seasoning. The package had said Italian herbs, but it had more of a curry flavor. Not bad, just unexpected.

The wine has a crisp citrus flavor, along with a sweet stone fruit taste. I know – a vague description – but I couldn’t tell you if it was peach, plum or nectarine.

The acidity is best described as a fruity lemon or citrus. It’s “lush” on the tongue according to my dinner companion (I think he meant it was more full bodied that typical white blends).

Final Thoughts

This is a good party wine. It’s a white that will appeal to lots of people and looks fancy sitting out – especially “winemaker’s blend.” For me personally, it’s more of a Monday night wine – but I can definitively say this wine does not go with popcorn. The chicken and rice was nice, but left us wanting something more – so the old staple of microwave popcorn was employed. It might go with the kettle corn variety, but we were out, so it had to be paired with the movie lovers butter flavor. Which means if you’re serving this for a party – keep it away from the salty snacks.

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