Overheard – Q2 2023

As you may have learned in the first quarter of 2023, you can overhear some really funny things when at a wine tasting or wine dinner.

The first one doesn’t come from a wine dinner, but instead lunch before a wine event and it was just too good not to share.

“F**k yeah, I’ll have an Adderall and beer!

-“gentleman” at City Limits

One of those things that just comes out of nowhere when suddenly there is a slight bit of quiet in the room. Not that he could be heard throughout the restaurant, just the two tables next to theirs. Not sure where it came from or what it was referencing, but I had to control my giggling.

Now City Limits is a college “dive” bar technically – only because if you passed it you’d ignore it. Once they dropped the smoking section it’s become a really nice family restaurant where the portions are huge and the food is amazingly good for bar/diner food. And for those who want the sports bar feel with their beer and burgers – they have that too. Tip your waitresses well, they work hard.

“Oh, Are they still sleeping together? How cute?

-two women talking

Now, I have no idea in what context this comment was made. I was strolling on the bridge at Rootstock and overheard it. The connotations are limitless on it… You can use your imagination. I’d like to think it’s twins about 5 years old… girls…

“A Little Opium in it.”


Scribbled at the bottom of one of my wine dinner notes page is this phrase – and I can’t read if it says -OAK- or -BAK- or -DAK- Either way – it’s an interesting quote that obviously came from somewhere in the dinner. I have an arrow point from the illegible to “opium” so I’m thinking that what was meant that the oak a wine was aged in gave it a unique taste. Having never tasted opium – I couldn’t say.

“I was one badass B!$%h until I discovered alcohol.”

-Still a BAB IMHO

During a tasting a winery there were a group of very lovely ladies who were obviously celebrating something special (hair, nails, shoes, everything on point). They had a good time tasting and as with all conversations, there is always the one thing that gets said just as everyone around gets quiet.

Now, I can only imagine that comment was made because I had briefly overheard something else women always talk about when they get together… weight. Trust me – she’s still one in my opinion. Like I said, they were all gorgeous. At the risk of sounding too trendy – I’d say “fleek.” (For those older – “All That AND a Bag of Chips!” and if you’re older than that… then just do a wolf whistle… and you get the idea)

“It’s a new term for wine ‘shroomy’.”


Reese was one of the people I met during the Texas Wine Club Comparative wine tastings. He’s funny, cute and a great conversationalist. New to wine – but that’s the point of the tastings – ease into learning. He looked a bit embarrassed when he described the wine we were tasting that way and we all laughed. I told him I was stealing the term as it was a perfect way to describe the wine. A little like dirt, a little like cooked mushrooms – shroomy. Now, I hope I wasn’t supposed to spell it with an “ie”…. (shroomie)

Reese also used the term “spoorish” but I like “shroomy.” Spoorish seems too pretentious.

“We’re just Texas Wine-a-bees”


Also from the Texas Wine Club’s event. Grace used this term to describe herself and her husband, who actually knows a lot about wine. However, I really liked the alliteration, so I had to share it.

That about wraps it up for the quarter. I didn’t share any of the comments from the blending exercise I did with friends, which is this the picture for this quarter. It just wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. Needless to say, Cards Against Humanity would be rivaled.

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