2017 Tempranillo (Cultivated Sirēz)

This Farmhouse Vineyards Tempranillo is part of their cul•tiv•at•ed Sirēz from Crookshouse Block. According to the tasting notes from the fourth quarter 2022 Wine Club –

The Cultivated Sirēz Wines are beautifully balanced and immediately transport one’s soul to a walk in an abundant fall garden. The first of the two single-varietal wines invite you to take count on the many good things to celebrate our lives. Ultimately, Cultivating a “Sirēz of Faith, Hope and Love t be shared among friends and family.

The noes on the Tempranillo state:

This 100% Tempranillo has a color of rich deep garnet fit for for the throat of a Queen. Like a bushel of fresh-picked cherries and red plums, the layers of flavor lift and lull across your palate. Notes of black peppercorn pitching a high of light oak, vanilla extract, and baking spices.

Silky tannins dawdle into pleasurable and lengthy finish. Think hints of Sandalwood and baked Vanilla bean. And ask yourself, whom do I care to impress? Then take them this new Sirēz of wines.

My Notes

I love the color, and as you can see the natural light makes it glow. It smells like a West Texas Tempranillo – which if you don’t know what that means – I pity you.

For a Saturday date night, the darling husband ordered in a couple of our favorites. I haven’t smothered mine in brown gravy yet in the picture but that’s important because while I found the wine acidic on first taste – with the brown gravy it was heavenly.

It went well with the chopped steak and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and bacon green beans. The mashed potatoes made the wine a touch sweeter.

Surprisingly it went even better with the blackened catfish my husband ordered himself. And I couldn’t stop stealing his sweet potato fries to have with the wine.

Final Thoughts

Now, brown gravy is a comfort food for me, so on a bad day, noodles and brown gravy is perfect. Too bad Farmhouse is out of this vintage because it’s the perfect wine for my brown gravy moods.

Even after finishing eating and just sipping on it while watching a movie, the berry scent was great to just inhale while swirling the wine in the glass. We finished the bottle without realizing it and then were disappointed we didn’t have a second to open and enjoy with the rest of the movie. I guess I’ll have to make do with the Reserve Tempranillo when it comes out. (See more here)

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