English Newsome 2019 Trebbiano

I had this wine during my tasting experience at English Newsome Cellars, just outside Lubbock.

Their Notes: This light bodied, pale straw wine boasts a flavor profile of green apple, lemon, and minerals. Trebbiano has bright aromatic notes of seashell, citrus and oregano. This Italian varietal pairs well with seafood, pastas and roasted chicken. (Website)

My Notes: During the tasting this wine had a Citrus scent. My tasting companion described it as “Sauvignon Blanc’s older bad-ass brother.”

The flavor was lemon and unripe pear and a bit of astringency (dryness). My companion said it was the tartness of a key lime pie with the sweetness of a super meringue finish.

He said he’d pair it with the Asian Chicken/Mandarin salad that Panera used to carry – but since they don’t – then just guacamole. But only if the guacamole had a lot of cilantro.

I said I’d put it with Citrus Shrimp Skewers over lime/cilantro rice.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, I did pair it with citrus shrimp (not skewered) and added some asparagus. The wine (away from the tasting room) had scents of apple blossom and maybe fresh green apples. The lemon flavor remained, but it was more of a lemongrass than a tart lemon. It was tart, but not acidic. We decided it was Granny Smith tart/acidic.

The wine went even better with the shrimp than I’d guessed in the tasting room. The shrimp brought out the honey and melon – honeydew melon – in the wine, and the wine brought out the sweetness of the shrimp.

Surprisingly, it went well with the asparagus. Not all wines go well with asparagus. It actually became a bit smoother and had no bitterness. The wine became “grassy” due to the asparagus, but the asparagus didn’t overpower the wine.

On first taste we decided this was a Friday night wine – and I still agree. But I’d put it more in the category of dinner with friends during the summer. An easy wine to sip while waiting for the shrimp to grill (or in my case – bake) and then enjoy with dinner. You could even continue sipping after dinner. Well worth getting again.

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