Broken Grape Field Blend

This Texas Wine Club (more) selection was a surprise. Broken Grape (more) focuses on the agriculture of the vineyard, as well as the wine. They have some great in vineyard experiences listed on their website, that I will be taking advantage of on future trips.

This is almost a background wine – you can drink it and not really notice it. But it’s a true table wine – a good blend. Lots of berry scent with dust. It was very warming, and a bit astringent and dry – but none of that is meant as a negative. Just be aware it’s not your typical sweetish red blend table wine.

It went really well with the chicken cordon bleu, and the brown rice didn’t lose its earthiness with the wine. The wine gained a little earthiness from the rice. The vegetables on the other hand… well, bless its heart, it just went “wonky” (a highly technical term) with the asparagus in the blend. Stick to green beans, carrots and corn for vegetables. Its not going to work with brussels sprouts or squash.

Final Thoughts

I made a note that I expect this wine to pair well with friends who drop by unexpectedly (pantry) or the relatives from, well bless their heart it’s hot there. Truthfully, it needs my friend Gwen’s goulash. I have yet to learn what all goes into it, but the flavors that come out are heavenly and would pair well with this wine.

Not familiar with my philosophy on wines or ranking system. Check them out here.

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