Wine Showcase: A Comparative Tasting Experience

Hosted by the Texas Wine Club, this early evening event was well worth the drive across the metroplex. It was hosted by Kristi (the Wine Nerd) at The Art of Grazing (website) in Ft. Worth. I have a few pictures below.

I won’t ruin the surprise by giving any tasting notes, I’ll just say that the small intimate atmosphere of the location, mixed with Kristi’s passion for sharing wine knowledge and making friends made this a really great evening. As this is sponsored by the Texas Wine Club, you can expect some Texas wines. Kristi did a great job sharing some information o the history of the Texas wine industry. It was great fun doing the blind tasting and trying to guess what each was and if it was Texas or not. The group was split 50/50 most of the time.

Final Thoughts

If you do attending Ft. Worth, I highly recommend the Date Night Board (website), or if you want to host your own tasting party (blind or not) pick one up.

I also heard some new phrases for wine descriptions (yes, I’m looking at you Reese and Grace), so look forward to those coming up.

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