Renieri Invetro Super Tuscan, 2019 

My best friend, John, has totally gotten into the concept that food changes wine and wine changes food – so when his mom came to visit – we did Italian takeout with two wines for her. She and I had eggplant parmesan and he had chicken parmesan. We actually started with the Barbera and then tried the Super Tuscan.

How did we get this wine – John just talked to some one at the local wine superstore who recommended this one based on what was on the menu for dinner. It was a good choice.

The flavors we all got were pepper/spicy, smokey back (finish) but earthy, with some floral and fruit.

John had gotten some seafood stuffed mushrooms (which were amazing and a must try if you’re ever at Eddie Napoli’s in Prosper, Tx) and they went really well with this wine. Overall tomato made the wine sweeter and the chicken parm really sweetened it.

And since it was Pi Day – the chocolate silk pie didn’t go too badly with this one.

Final Thoughts

John’s Mom didn’t feel it sat well on the tongue. I can see that it’s a bit more fuller bodied than most red wines that people are used to drinking. Plus most professionals describe it as having a chalky texture (according to the reviews I read after trying it.)

John believes he’s found his favorite new red wine style as he liked the richness and depth of the flavors in the complex Super Tuscan blend.

Personally, I thought it needed food. While John could drink it on its own, I needed something.

Overall, we decided it was perfect for a Tuesday night and would pick some up the next time we’re at the store to have on hand for pizza, lasagna or maybe just a steak.

One of the cool things about this wine is it was described as having a “glass cork”. It’s more of a glass topped stopper – but that does make the bottle more appealing for upcycling.

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