Thoughts on Decoy – Pinot Noir

The wine. Not your uncle’s creepy collection of ducks he keeps in the family room, along with your grandmother’s afghan’s and checked curtains.

Specifically the Pinot Noir, though I have had the Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot. The Pinot Noir goes great with ham, as it balances the sweetness of the ham, without the over sweet of a Riesling that most people serve. It went amazingly well with the side of sour cream and onion potato casserole. The salt and sour cream brought out the fruit flavor of the wine. I’ve had it with just some Swiss cheese on a cheese board. And I’ve just sat and sipped on it while contemplating important global thoughts like the meaning of life (Ok, I was watching the Muppet Show).

Final Thoughts

This is a Sunday wine, because depending on how much you like your family you can spend between $15 – $35 a bottle…

The higher priced wines have a higher quality taste. However the “Decoy by Duckhorn” Pinot or Merlot ($18-20) are good for family gathering or just a Thursday night – TGIAF (thank goodness it’s almost Friday) celebration.


This goes really well with sour cream and onion potato chips…. I know Food & Wine has their own pairing suggestions (here), but I’d add the Decoy Pinot Noir to the list. I think that it might be my new favorite late night snack.

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