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In what I suppose could be considered fair play, my husband took me to a brewery celebration, and since I drag him to numerous wine events, it only makes sense. But I approached it with the same approach I have to wine tasting, since I don’t especially like beer. However, I am a huge fan of locally crafted food and drink.

Smittox Brewing is a black owned craft brewery in the Dallas Fort Worth Area that is looking to spread diversity and inclusion. (website)

More on Smittox in my final thoughts below. In the first two rounds we tried two collaborations between Smittox Brewing and other breweries. Round three was a split. What I thought is below.

Round 1

Rooftop Pillager and Ginger Slap

On the left in the photo above (black) is Rooftop Pillager, a collaboration with Siren Rock Brewing (8.2%). Described as a Moroccan Inspired Coffee Stout, I’d describe it as chocolate cherry cola. The colder it is, the better it is! It had a good foam to it. Yes, I know the term is “head” but foam better describes it as it’s light and fluffy like your great aunts meringue on the top of that chocolate cherry ice box pie she makes. It has a light body and a good finish. I love the smell of this one so much I wouldn’t mind having it as a candle. This got a Friday rating from me, but I’d drink it any night. Siren Rock Brewing is located in Rockwall Tx.

On the right in the photo above (red) is Ginger Slap, a collaboration with Second Pitch Brewing (6.4%). It was described as a Gingerbread Brown Ale. I’d say it’s more of a ginger cookie than bread. It’s smells like those old fashioned molasses ginger cookies made with real ginger and molasses – you know the ones that are almost too hard to bite. It’s sweet in smell and taste, but not cloying. I’d give it a Wednesday rating because it tastes like Christmas with the allspice, but leaves a bit of a bitter beer aftertaste in the finish for me. Second Pitch is located in San Antonio, Tx.

Round 2

Black is Beautiful and Roast Negligence

Roast Negligence on the right (red) in the photo above is a collaboration with Vector Brewing (4.9%). The description was “dark coffee lager.” So, with that description – no clue why my husband thought I’d like that one. It has a better flavor than smell (coffee and old yeast) and a light body, but I found the scent rather off-putting so much that like a wine that doesn’t please the nose, after a couple of sips I was done. If you like dark lagers you will like this one. Vector Brewing is located in Dallas, Tx.

Black is Beautiful on the left (black) in the photo above is a collaboration with Tupps Brewery (9.4%). Described as Coffee Stout with Hazelnut, Coffee and Chocolate – it smells just like the description. I don’t classify beer, but if I did – I’d call this “Dessert Beer.” It was unbelievably sweet. It was like drinking hazelnut coffee with chocolate creamer and rum. Not your everyday beer, but a good weekend option. It has a medium body and not much of an aftertaste. Tupps Brewery just moved to their new location in McKinney, Tx.

Round 3

We All Need To Do Better and ‘Sucker Punch’ Watermelon Berliner Weisse

For Round three, my husband went with another collaboration with the “We All Need To Do Better” Farmhouse Weizenbock. Brewed in collaboration with Jester King Brewery in support of Black Is Beautiful and Brews for New Avenues’ national campaign! It was a bit like a flat cider. I couldn’t really place the taste, and it was one that left a limited impression on me beyond the bottle (see below). Jester King Brewery is located in Austin, Tx.

I tried the Three Nations Brewing Co. ‘Sucker Punch’ Watermelon Berliner Weisse. This was a longshot pick for me from the options since the non-collaborations didn’t have much in the way of descriptions (and unlike wine, I don’t understand the different types of beer) – but I enjoyed this one. Probably because it was the closest to drinking wine I could get. It tasted like Sprees in Champagne. I know that sounds weird…. but here’s my reasoning. It was sweet like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher, but nor too sweet – more sweet like a Spree. So a good watermelon flavor over the top of an average champagne or sparkling white. It’s a porch pounder, pool party, out on the lake, I could drink this all day kind of beer. Three Nations is based in Carrollton, Texas and offers a large variety of craft brews.

Final Thoughts

Technically, this was the Welcome to Oak Cliff party for Smittox Brewing – which doesn’t have equipment to brew in the new location we visited today. But they are raising funds for the equipment so they can begin brewing on their own, and not just in collaboration with other breweries.

Officially Smittox is the second black-owned brewery in Texas (beaten out by a brewery in Houston by mere months) and the ONLY black-owned brewery in North Texas. It’s also one of only a handful of black owned breweries in the nation.

I mention this, not because of the novelty, but because much like the wine industry in Texas, this is an area that needs diversity and support.

If you are in the DFW area, I encourage you to check out Smittox Brewing (website). Or if you aren’t local you can still support the brewery by checking out this page or by purchasing some swag here. If you’re really into brewing – I suggest the Brew Day Collaboration – a chance to collaborate with Smitty the Brewer and name your beer. Makes a great gift – as my husband pointed out.

It was my first brewery party – and I have to say I think some wine tastings would be better if tacos were served, dogs were allowed and there was a great DJ. Looking forward to our next event at Smittox.

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